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    Bibie Julius: Biography

    Full Name: Nadya Ervina Putri Margaatmadja aka Bibie Julius
    Date of Birth: July 1994
    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Favorite Club: Barcelona
    Nationality: Indonesia

    Bibie Julius another name Nadia Ervina, is DJ, Sexy Dancer and Photo Model. This beautiful girl born in Indonesia, July 1994. She is often hung out and hang out with them. She is"Usually the hangout locations in Kemang," continued the girl a height of 165 cm and weight 50 kg. She is chestnut, one day, girl skuteris community not only to dwell on skubek or the like. "Her Need heck, they also increase motor sport. More cool. "Bibie Julius had worked at Pioneer DJ AsiaCentre.


    1. so sexy & beautifull.....my favorite model on FN

    2. Your english is a disgrace to society, how about you provide me with the honor of sucking that succulent ripe jugs of yours and I might consider schooling you a thing or two.